The library is a great place, no matter it’s size.

If you are in Manhattan this summer, check out one (or all!) of the locations of the Little Free Library!

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If you’ve shared a meal out with me, my dislike of mushrooms probably came up during the ordering process. It isn’t a dislike I feel the need to declare, but when ordering a meal, it is often required. I really, truly do not like mushrooms. I’ve tired again and again to introduce them into my diet, but no dice. Many people ask if it’s a texture aversion. It’s not; it’s a flavor aversion. I simply do not like the flavor.

I’ve never found a reason to care about mushrooms. Until now.

Ecovative grows cost-effective alternatives to plastic insulation and packaging.

Read their story here. This could be tremendous if it is widely adopted. I hope it is.

Finally. I use for mushrooms I can get behind.

As one who makes my living in the publishing industry, I enjoyed this short piece immensely.

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Growing up, I attended Catholic school for most of my life. My Mother was a teacher at the K-8th grade school I attended. Our teachers were lay people, but we wore uniforms. Morning prayers, Religion class, required community service- all order of the day.

We also had Library class, in addition to Religion class. It sounds quaint now. Is there Library anymore? The Librarian, whose name I no longer remember, started reading aloud to us from Number the Stars. I was in sixth grade. Too old to be read aloud to? Never, if you ask me.

I thought I had missed the final reading, since we moved on from the book. I asked the Librarian if I had been absent when she had finished the reading; I really wanted to know how it ended. She laughed, and said she didn’t finish it. Her small ploy to encourage reading among the students? Yes, I think so. Perhaps also to determine who was paying attention. I was more than welcome to check the book out, to read the ending. The ending? I re-read the book two times before i returned it.

Digging on this pretty hard.


Maybe because it reminds me slightly of 80s synth-pop?

For many years now, I have wanted to be able to be more self-sufficient. This vague, rather lofty, goal includes things like growing my own food, canning and preserving, making my own clothing- whether by knitting, crocheting, or sewing, re-purposing items I already have for new uses, and composting.

Last week, I became one stitch closer to my goal. I’ve been a beginner-to-intermediate knitter for many years, thanks to my friend Dana, lots of knitting books, and the Internet. Since I am already handy with needles and yarn, learning to crochet felt like a natural next step. Crochet is a skill my Grandmother possessed, but she was never interested in teaching her grandchildren, sadly.

In lieu of Grandma’s teachings, I turned to Gather Here, a fantastic stitch lounge in  Cambridge, MA. Virginia, the owner, and her fantastic staff offer classes in knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilt making, and a few other fiber crafts. I signed up for the crochet basics class, taught by the charming Marissa.

After two and a half hours under Marissa’s guideance, I can now create a chain,  single crochet, and  double crochet. My inspiration is well ahead of my skills at this point, but I’ll get there.

My husband and I are newly married. We were married near Thanksgiving, and it felt like the celebration rolled right through to Christmas. We were both able to take some time off surrounding Christmas, which was lovely, since it was the first chance we’ve had to really catch our breath since the wedding.

We spent some time talking about resolutions, and how to make 2013 a year full of new experiences.

One goal we are going to work towards is cooking and eating more meals at home. We started tonight, with a recipe from one of my favorite new cookbooks, Dinner: A Love Story.

It was a team effort. I made the marinade, the salad, and dressing, and Dave cooked the steak.

It was a satisfying way to start the new year, together, as husband and wife.

Now seems a good a time as any, to start the blog portion of my site.

Featured in this space will mostly be pictures, occasional links, and the odd wordy post.

I hope you enjoy!